What does it mean to be ECFMG certified?

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ECFMG is considered as the standardized test that is used internationally to get medical examinations. If a doctor holds ECFMG certification, then it means that he or she is able to apply for the examination to get medical degree. Generally, this test is used by the foreign students where ECFMG stands for Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduate. It is very important in the United States of America that the student must be ECFMG certified to start his or her practice.

So the answer to the above question is,

“If we say that someone is ECFMG certified that it means that the student is now eligible to start her medicine practice in the United States of America”

ECFMG test is not a simple one, but it contains three different sections and the student should pass all the sections to move further in her or his life. No matter from where you belong or what is the status or the name of your institute, you can get license for working in USA by passing the ECFMG test. It is the best way to provide equal opportunity to the doctors to get a chance of working. If all the students will pass the standardized test, then it will be easier for the professionals to judge the skills and the qualities of the doctors. So it is fair for all the doctors to show their perfection and secure their place, while in the absence of the ECFMG test, it would be very difficult to find out the doctor with proficient qualities.

ECFMG status report is used to confirm the status of ECFMG certification. It include the scores and the time at which you appeared in the test. You don’t need to update the information, but it is automatically updated when there is any relevant information.