Important Ways in Finding Free Observership in New York City

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Important-Ways-in-Finding-Free-Observership-in-New-York-CityIf you are an international medical graduate who is interested in applying for a residency program in the US, observerships are an essential clinical experience that you should gain. Medical observerships allow you to shadow preceptors while you observe them during their work but there is no direct patient care involved. The observership is only valid if you are not paid for the experience.

Observerships, though not a mandatory requirement for residency programs for International Medical Graduates (IMGs), the experience will help them acquire knowledge of the practice of medicine in the United States. Preceptors in various specialties can help IMGs understand the worrkings of the U.S. Healthcare system such as anesthesia, surgery, internal medicine, Ob-GYN or pediatrics. This experience can either cost money or be done for free.

If you are looking for an observership program for free in New York City, here are some of the important persons or institutions you might need to consider contacting:

  1. Community-based institution
  2. Personal contact
  3. US medical facility
  4. Clinical experience matching agency
  5. Own medical school
  6. Physician in private practice
  7. Academic institution

Oftentimes, opting for clinical observership for free is challenging. To make the process a little daunting, here are some of the helpful tips:

  • Visit medical associations

There are numerous medical associations in the United States, so check out if they are providing observership programs for free. These associations have also access to other associations or networks that can help you find this clinical experience for free. Gave a direct contact to associations like Russian American Medical Association (RAMA) or the American Associations of Physicians from India (AAPI).

  • Search online

There are higher chances of accessing prospective institutions or associations that provide observership for free when searching online. There are numerous sites that provide a listing of creditable institutions or associations that are offering observership program without a cost.

  • Personal contacts

Your friends or any family member who is working in the medical field can help you with this problem. Just keep in direct contact with them and inquire about observership programs offered for free. These persons can also link or recommend you to other institutions or associations who are offering this clinical observership in New York City for free.

  • Contact your own medical school

The institution or school from where you are attending has their own medical facility or affiliates that provide observership without paying them to gain this type of clinical experience. It would be much better if you have known someone within the institution that can give you a direct access about the availability of free program or if any requirement needed.

There are handful ways to help you find a free observership program in New York City. Whether having this experience can be of help or not in securing a residency position in the US, at least you have earned something which in the future can be a good reference. This is not the best way to fill the gap in your medical education, but undertaking observership is one of the great means to improve your medical practice in the United States.