How many residency programs med students really apply to

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Take a guess: How many residency programs does the average medical student apply to each year? A recent survey of more than 1,000 fourth-year students explored this question, and the results were very telling. Whether you’re a first-year student beginning to plan for residency or a seasoned vet already looking ahead to your next phase of training, check out this graphic to see the number of residency programs your peers applied to in each specialty. Future applicants, here’s what to expect.

Capturing the student perspective

Newly published research in Academic Medicine captures the sheer volume of activities graduating students undertake as they seek to secure a residency slot. This study is unique in that it is “the first national, representative sample of fourth-year medical students from U.S. MD-granting medical schools.”

With a sample size of 1,376 students from 20 schools, the study was able to look at the influence of career specialty choice and other factors on the activities of graduating medical students.