How does a medical student get an observership in the USA?

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Enewletter-header-imageAs you know that process of getting a residency spot in USA is becoming competitive for IMGs. In this situation, “United States Clinical Experience” is very important to distinguish your application between other applicants. So, start hunting to participate in right observership program. Getting right   observership is even more complicated than getting a residency spot. Regarding hunting, to be honest, emailing medical professors or other research scientists will not work. Most of them don’t open any irrelevant emails that would be linked to a research volunteering. However, following mentioned tips will help you to approach a right observership program.

  • The best way to approach a medical expert or school for sponsorship is through someone you know. He can be your friend, relative, or a doctor who did an observership over there. He/she can introduce you to the faculty of the medical school.
  • But if you don’t have any contacts in America then do some efforts own your own. Search for contact details of every hospital where you are interested to get experience. Email the PC/PD/Attending expressing for the program. You will get reply soon.
  • The best way is to meet the researchers personally. Take your well written CV along with attractive cover letter with you. Before going to meet any person, you should spend some time to know his current and previous researches, and areas of interest so that can covey him easily.
  • Now if you prove unlucky in getting response then it is time to make some calls. Contact with the administration of your interested hospital and tell them that your want to become observer. I am sure they will give you a schedule appointment.

Remember, to avail maximum chances to participate in observership, you have to submit your request earlier. I suggested that the months from March to June are best for the hinting of observership. Internet search is the best way to approach to a right program.