Free observership in USA

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An “observership” is defined as the practices to observe the health care and medical practices without making personal contact with patients, for the specific objectives of getting medical experiences and knowledge. This program is an important ‘more frequently said’ a necessary part of entering in USA medical system. It is a way to enhance the quality of your application package for the medical residency spot. An observership is offered to the international medical students to observe the American medical system. During observership, students participate in clinical activities with the objective of knowing the American medical system in action and gaining practical experience of the medical field. These programs promote strong relationship between students and medical institutions. The observer is defined as “an international student of medical institution who seeks practices to get proficiency and expertise in her/his chosen medical field”. Observers are basically assigned an experienced faculty member as a “mentor” to make sure that they have got right knowledge.

In order to participate in right observership, IMGs (the international students will need to submit following things to a medical center/hospital:

  • CV/resume
  • Personal statement
  • Certificate/transcripts confirming your year for the graduate
  • NBDE/USMLE (if required)
  • Certification of TOEFL (6.5 or above)
  • Malpractice insurance
  • Criminal background check.

the international students will need to submit following things to a medical center/hospital

The international students need to have excellent command over English language to join these programs. Expenses are also associated with these programs which depending on the hosting institution. Charges are normally included such as, educational, clinical, and administrative expenses which cover the costs of assigning mentor, research facilities, and reviewing the cases. But luckily, there are plenty of institutions, doctors, and medical centers that offer voluntary observership services for free. Obama observership program for IMGs is at the top of the list of these programs. Lengths of programs are varying from four to eight weeks. Participation can offer for different specialties such as, dermatology, psychiatry, emergency medicine, and surgery. Certification is normally given at the end of the program.