Few key topics – ECFMG Certification, Observership, Clerkship and Externship

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ECFMG Certification

Every year, a large number of IMGs are applying for residency and fellowship programs in the US. Each one is taking chances to pass the ECFMG certification, which is a guarantee that a foreign medical graduate is now prepared and competent to handle various medical situations in the US. To satisfy the ECFMG certification, a candidate must pass the examination and medical education credentials requirement. Likewise, an applicant must also be evaluated as to the English language proficiency.


Taking the view that medical observership in the US is not a requirement in securing the ECFMG certification, an applicant should consider its importance in the practice of medicine in the US setting. Along with the other clinical experiences, observership are still useful in strengthening your CV for the ERAS application process. The more observership programs you participate in, the more opportunities will be open to you in the future. Basically, this clinical experience should not be taken for granted but seen as a stepping-stone to make you a competitive applicant in the residency application process.

ECFMG Certification, Observership, Clerkship and Externship

ECFMG Certification, Observership, Clerkship and Externship


It is another important type of USCE experiences and most of the times the parent institute of the patient affiliate with the hospitals and send their students there. In the United States of America, the students are required to do clerkship in their third year, while in some other countries, clerkship is the part of practice for the third and fourth year of the students. It is compulsory for all the students otherwise, they won’t get their degree.


Usually the externships are rare, but paid. The hospitals don’t offer the externships to the newly graduated students, but if someone secures this position by having contacts then it is a big opportunity. Generally hospitals do not allow the students, but if they do so, they manage the work load along with the specialists. Therefore the hospitals consider it as a cheap labor. So, oberverships are better than the externship as they are easier to secure.