Will there be a fee for the Observership experience?
Yes, the fees for a 4-week observership cycle begin at $1,750*. This fee covers administrative costs involved in enrollment =. A $200 deposit is required 6 weeks in advance of your confirmed start date in order to reserve those dates. This deposit is then deducted from your full tuition amount.

* Subject to early registration (contact us for details)
* Late enrollment charges
* Late schedule alteration fees
* Expedited application processing (added cost)

How soon before my observership should I apply?
Due to processing requirements and rotation availability, we typically ask applicants to submit an application at least 2 months before their proposed start date and complete enrollment within 4 weeks of the start date. Unforeseen limited spots may arise after that time, but they are not guaranteed. There is an extra charge for enrollment under 1 month.

We do offer expedited processing for applicants who apply less than 4 weeks before their start date if their desired location and start date are not already reserved.

When is full tuition due?
Tuition payment must be made in full no later than 4 weeks from your confirmed start date. For applicants requiring expedited enrollment, tuition payment is due in full upon confirmation of enrollment.
Do you offer any discounts?

We offer a variety of package deals also available for multiple weeks and specialties, please contact us for details.

What is the application process?

Please review our policy and procedures. Once the application is submitted, we process the application and match the applicant to suitable experiences based on preference and availability. Once we match the applicant to a preceptor we forward the location and start date to the applicant who can then accept the placement and secure the position with a refundable deposit.

Will the observership be in a teaching hospital or a private clinic?

Our preceptors typically have both inpatient and outpatient duties so our experiences are usually a combination of both. The amount of inpatient experience varies with the preceptor, month and specialty but at least one day a week is spent on hospital rounds with the preceptor for most specialties.

Will I get hands on experience?

While the nature of an observership precludes direct patient responsibility our preceptors are committed to providing a valuable patient care experience that adequately prepares candidates to provide care in the unique US Healthcare system. Preceptors gauge a candidate’s clinical ability and cultural competence and adjust a candidate’s level of responsibility during the rotation as necessary. Preceptors also ensure that candidate’s get experience with patient documentation and familiarity with working with different Electronic Medical Record systems.

What specialties are available?

We have a wide variety of available specialties within the greater New York area. Availability for certain specialties tend to be limited and are usually booked months in advance. In the event that a slot is not open for the desired specialty in a particular month, the applicant can opt to be placed on the waiting list to be notified if a slot open up. This happens not infrequently as candidate’s plans may change during the application cycle.

When will you receive the name of your preceptor?
It is our policy that we do not divulge the name of the preceptor only after confirming enrollment. We do provide all the relevant information that our students need to choose their elective including housing options and general schedule. We also offer applicants an opportunity to talk to former students who have rotated at a site or with a particular preceptor who can offer a first hand perspective of the day to day experience that an applicant can expect.

Once we receive the application and deposit we can determine specialty and location availability.

Will I receive a letter of recommendation at the conclusion of the experience?

Our preceptors are well aware of the requirements of the application process and are very willing to write supportive letters for candidates who distinguish themselves during the observership. Our preceptors commit to providing supportive letters to such candidates in a timely manner at the conclusion of the observership.

Will my LOR be received upon hospital letterhead?
The format of the letter of Recommendation is at the discretion of each preceptor.  MedObserverships recommends clarifying the letter format prior to enrollment.
Will my LOR explain my nature of experience?
All of our preceptors are individuals who understand the requirements of the application process and write letters of recommendation that comment on those qualities that program directors weigh heavily in their decision.
Do I need to have Step2 completed before the end of my observership?
Our sites all have different requirements with regards to licensing. Some sites only offer hands on externships to applicants who have full ECFMG certification. These sites do allow applicants who have yet to take their examinations to do observerships that do not involve direct patient care.
How many students will I rotate with?
We are committed to provide a quality experience and part of that committment is ensuring an adequate preceptor to student ratio. The number of students per site is determined by the amount of clinical work so each student gets enough hands on experience to achieve their goals.
What will my schedule be like?
Each site and preceptor has a unique schedule. Most sites involve a combination of inpatient and outpatient experience. We do our best to tailor the schedule based on an applicant’s requests and goals.
Will I have time to study for upcoming exams?
We understand that many of our students are in the process of taking their licensing examinations and may be studying for those examinations during the observership. We work with applicants to create a schedule that allows them to adequately prepare for examinations.
What are your requirements for research opportunities?
You must submit an application and enroll in an observership. In order to have access to sensitive information such as patient data you must be affiliated with the medical institution. Therefore, our research opportunities are open only to those enrolled in an observership.
Does the experience qualify for school credit?
We do work with your school to make sure your experience meets the requirements for your schools curriculum. The decision to offer academic credit lies with the school. We do provide all the documents needed by the school to grant credit for the experience.
Can I speak with any prior students about the experience I can expect?
Many of our prior students have generously offered to make themselves available to discuss their experience with interested applicants. We also have physician consultants who are available to discuss details about a site.
What type of housing assistance do we offer?
Housing assistance varies by site. Please ask about your specific placement for what level of housing assistance we offer. This ranges from housing options provided by our partner hospitals to housing options that prior students have found suitable.
Can I enroll in multiple specialties at once?
Yes we offer multispecialty enrollments and we offer a discount for applicants who enroll in a multi-cycle observership of at least 12 weeks.
Can I delay start date or make changes after I enroll?
We do allow applicants to delay the start date in the event of extenuating circumstances such as visa issues and family emergencies as long as the preceptor approves. As per our policy, the deposit becomes nonrefundable 4 weeks before the start date and tuition becomes nonrefundable 2 weeks before the experience, so we ask applicants who intend to withdraw to notify us before those deadlines to make any changes.
Are there any additional charges?
Malpractice insurance is required for all hands on externships. Applicants can choose to obtain it on their own and receive a credit to their tuition or take advantage of our malpractice options.
What documentation is required for application?

A valid US ID or passport


Personal statement describing your goals and interests

Copy of diploma/transcript (graduates) from your medical school

Immunization records

Verification of ECFMG (instructions sent to applicant upon acceptance)

Do I need all supporting documents upon application?
If you are missing certain docs, just save the form and continue on to the rest of the form. All documents MUST be handed in before the start of your cycle, no exceptions.
Will you provide assistance with a visa invitation letter?
** A foreign national wishing to participate in the Observership Program shall be responsible for obtaining a B-1 (Visitor for Business) or B-2 (Visitor for Tourism) non-immigrant visa from the appropriate authorities or for entering the United States under the VWB (Visa Waiver for Business) or VWT (Visa Waiver for Tourism) Program
*** MedObserverships, LLC will help qualified applicants obtain a visa invitation letter from the hospital at which the rotation has been scheduled. Please note: All visa invitation letter requests MUST be received at least 2-4 weeks prior to your rotation start date. Additionally, these letters will only be granted upon completion of full tuition payment.