ECFMG Certificate Requirements for FMGs

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As we have already discussed in some of our previous articles that the ECFMG certificate is required for all the Foreign Medical Graduates to start their medical career in the United States of America. It provides US licensing to the students so that they can operate according to their latest knowledge and skills set. There are a number of requirements that should be fulfilled by the Foreign Medical Graduates to get the ECFMG certificate. It is important that all the requirements should be completely fulfilled. Some requirements are the examination requirements while some of these requirements include the requirements of medical credentials. Given below are some of the important requirements on which the foreign Medical Graduates should concentrate:

Examination requirements for ECFMG

The examination requirements includes the requirements of clinical skills and the examination of medical science. These requirements are the time based requirements that include a number of things like the requirements should be fulfilled before applying for the certificate of ECFMG. The performance of the graduate is examined in this type of requirement.

Requirements for the Medical Education

  • It is very important for the student to be graduated from a well-known or listed institute. No matter, from where he belongs, but he has to provide a history of the four years credit education in order to apply for the certification. You can also include the transferred credits, if you did it from one institute to other.
  • All the important documents should be provided with the application form like copy of the transcript, the certificate of the clinical experience and the receipt.

It is very important to fulfill all the requirements, otherwise the application form will be rejected and you will need some more time to complete. Generally, more time is not awarded to the students so try to complete all things in your first attempt.logo21