Computer Based Case Simulations (CCS) Field Trial on November 16, 2015 to February 29, 2016

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LogoThe National Board of Medical Examiners® (NBME®) has developed new software to deliver the Primum® Computer-based Case Simulations (CCS) component of Step 3 of the United States Medical Licensing Examination® (USMLE®), which is jointly owned by the NBME and the Federation of State Medical Boards. The new software incorporates user-adjustable display features, specifically text magnification and reverse color (color inversion).

NBME is planning a field trial of the software from November 16, 2015 through February 29, 2016 at select Prometric test centers in the United States. NBME is seeking medical students and graduates with varying levels of visual ability (with or without visual impairments) to participate in the field trial.

Individuals who anticipate taking USMLE Step 3 at a future date may find participation useful. The field trial will include some cases not currently available as Step 3 CCS practice cases on the USMLE website

FIELD TRIAL DATES – November 16, 2015 to February 29, 2016