MedObserverships connects domestic and international medical students with medical placement/rotation opportunities. Our main goal at MedObserverships is to place future doctors in various specialty rotations that allow them to discover, examine, and experience future potential career opportunities.

MedObserverships Turnkey Operation: MedObserverships drives a consultative approach with students seeking a various degree of experiences. A student is taken through an initial process of discovery to be followed by a proposal. The key is understanding the career path of the future doctors by utilizing a streamlined form of communication. The future leaders in the medical profession (you) is the focus of the entire discovery process and our main mission.

As the trend towards globalization increases we recognize the importance of knowledge exchange across cultures and countries and aim to connect the global network of medical professionals to foster innovation in healthcare.

Medical Clinical Observership, Externship, Clerkship USA, ECFMG Certification