5 Effective Ways to Find Observerships for International Medical Graduates (IMGs)

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Observership are clinical experiences wherein International Medical Graduates (IMGs) are allowed to follow physician preceptors during patient care. As the name implies, they are not permitted or licensed to have direct interaction with patients. The shadowing however is not a mandatory requirement for IMGs to acquire a residency program. This is designed to acculturate them with the kind of medical practice in the US setting.

Before starting the Medical Observership Program, an applicant should secure the necessary permission from the department head of the preceptor or hospital. This program is basically a non-profit venture and established by interested group of physicians or medical associations with the intention to assist IMGs who are interested to practice medicine in the United States. This program is not organized for profit purposes, thus physician preceptors are devoting their time and effort whereby a big help in preparing IMGs for US residency and medical practice.

Effective Ways to Find Observerships for International Medical Graduates (IMGs)Here are some of the most helpful ways for IMGs to find Observership Program:

  1. Networking

This method takes much of a legwork but in the end it is worth the effort! You need to have contact information from various sources specifically in hospitals and other medical facilities. You can also keep in touch with associations or institutions that offer this type of clinical experience. They have also access to other institutions or affiliates which can help accommodate your application. Sending mails, emails or making phone calls to follow-up with them regarding observership programs they offer is a good way to be updated and get better chances.

  1. Acquire Ideas from Medical School Seniors

Seeking information from medical school seniors who already matched will be a help in acquiring observership program in their institution. Stay in contact with them and ask them to inform you when observership opportunity will be offered.

  1. Contact Senior Faculty Staff or Directors

Get the email addresses of faculty senior staff or directors across numerous medical institutions in the US. This might require a labor-intensive process but take a lot of patience for better opportunities to get a slot in their observership program.

  1. Access Information Online

There are some websites that provide listing of associations or institutions that offer observership program. You can subscribe on their site so that they can alert you when opportunity gets available through sending you with emails. Get access to several websites as possible so that you can yield better results.

  1. Find an Agency to Arrange the Observership Program for You

You can find a number of agencies that accept payment in exchange of their services in arranging an observership program for you. Visit any of these reliable agencies to know whether their services can match your needs and budget.

With an overflowing number of International Medical Graduates (IMGs) who are seeking Medical Observership Programs in the USA, obtaining an observership requireseffort and patience. Given the above information, now is the right time for you to keep started. Remember that the more experience you gain from observership, the better are your chances to improve your medical practice in the US scenario